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chant lyrique Yva Barthélémy, who is a renowned opera singer and a great teacher, has developed special muscular techniques for opera singers over the past thirty years.

This method which consists of a series of highly precise movements, combined with special speech training, has been recognised by both doctors and speech specialists throughout Europe.
Yva Barthélémy has realised that both speech therapy and opera-singing technique are two approaches which may combine and complement each other harmoniously.

  yva barthelemy
Excerpts from "Faust"by Gounod. Recording France Musique
Ah je ris
Ange pur
Je voudrais bien savoir
The right way to train the voice for the Opera requires tried and tested scientific techniques which have proved their merits. These will become the springboard for the singer’s art of communicating the welling up of inner emotions, thoughts and spirituality in a uniquely personal fashion. Thought, freed from physical restraints, unleashes the sublime in our souls.Technique and interpretation are the two strengths, that in unison, lead to an equilibrium, spiritual harmony, but most importantly, superb operatic singing. Everything that I adore…
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